Work permit (Employment permit) is regulated by the Decree of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine, dated 08.04.2009 at No.322.

The decision about issue of employment permit is taken by the commission of the State Employment Centre of the Ministry of Labour and Social Policy of Ukraine, which is in session twice per month. So as the commission's policy is based on the principle of priority of using labour of Ukrainian citizens, struggling with unemployment, the main problem is the prejudice of the commission to use foreign labour, which may occur a problem in getting the work permit.

The commission evaluates the education, qualification of the foreigner, conditions of work and real necessity of use of labour of the foreigner. In this case the package of documents, which must be applied for commission, should be prepared in a very proper way for getting 100% result.

If you order this service in our company, you will get rid of the headache of preparing the list of documents in Ukrainian language, complicated bureaucratic process of obtaining the references and certificates from state authorities (tax administration, labour fund, etc.). You will avoid the mistakes, that may lead to fail. We will be happy to save your time and moral costs!

List of the documents, which must be applied for getting EMPLOYMENT PERMIT IN UKRAINE:

All the documents, issued by foreign authorities (diplomas, criminal records, except CIS countires), must be legalized or with apostille stamp, translated into Ukrainian language and notary certified in Ukraine

  1. Application of the Employer;
  2. Two color pictures 3,5 cm x 4,5 cm;
  3. Reasoning for use of labour of foreigner;
  4. Power of attorney to our employee to represent the interests of the Employer to apply and get work permit in State Employment Centre;
  5. Certificate from Tax Administration about absence of debts of the Employer; 
  6. Certificate from Regional Employment Center about absence of debts of the Employer;
  7. Receipt of payment of State Fee for application of the documents for employment permit (4 minimal wages, fixed by government);
  8. Copy of the work contract between the Employer and the foreigner;
  9. The certificate of the Employer that the foreigner is not going to be involved into "state secret information" or Ukrainian citizenship;
  10. Criminal record, issued in Ukraine.
  11. Notary copy of the Certificate of Company registration and the Articles of Association of the Employer;
  12. Copy of the diploma of the foreigner with apostille stamp / consulate legalization (depending on the country of issue of the diploma), translated into Ukrainian language and notary certified; 
  13. Copy of the first page of the passport of the foreigner, translated into Ukrainian language and notary certified;
  14. Position that the foreigner will take in the company
  15. CV of the foreigner.